This package is designed for the objective management person.  It is designed as an open exploration of the business without bias.  Our team will spend 50 hours understanding your business strategically and tactically.  We will listen to various individuals for direct areas of challenge.  Through this process we will find undiscovered areas of risk and challenge.  The deliverable is a comprehensive narative of  the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats at both a macro and micro level.  A natural followup to this is the tactical planning Solquesto can provide.


Your PC systems will go through our 26 point audit analysis.  After reviewing potential security breaches and performance effecting areas, Solquesto will deliver an executive briefing covering all 26 points.  Solquesto can then consult with your IT staff or perform recommended system modification if desired. For an example of the solution please review our Seperf case study.


Utilizing professional audit methods Solquesto’s team will analyze your companies processes and report on effectiveness.  We will recommend changes if warranted that are in line with you top line goals.

Operation Effector

This package focuses on overall Operational effectiveness in a cross platform environment.  The goal is to achieve greater synergy between operational groups thus increasing the bottom line via more effective use of  your companies resources.

Cash Flow Manager

This product focuses on increasing cash-flow which can support growth initiative’s.  Thereby increase your companies ability to execute on items like capital improvements.  Alternatively, this product can also help those manage through difficult time and eliminate the need for filing bankruptcy or facing foreclosure during times when credit is not attainable.

Business Continuity

Four in ten small business firms (under 100 employees) do not have formal written business continuation plans.  Source: LIMRA – The Mature Market in the U.S. – 2001

A good plan should incorporate items such as data recovery and overall operational continuity.  Solquesto provides a “State of the Union” analysis and then a plan to improve your company’s operational security.

Software Evaluation

Want a truly independent analysis and recommendation.  Referrals are sometimes important but when it comes to investing your companies hard earned cash we can provide peace of mind by validating your vendors recommendation product and implementation.